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SAFER LISTINGS: Company Acts As Middleman

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Selling items over the internet on sites like Craigslist have become more popular, however they also open up the possibility of becoming the target of a crime.

Last year we told you about Carlton Moorhead who after listing $10,000 in jewelry on Craigslist was beat up and robbed when a couple of guys came to look at his listing.

“Yeah watch out if you’re on Craigslist, you know, I won’t go on there anymore,” said Moorhead.

Police warn posting your address on selling sites is dangerous.

Now, a new Pleasant Hill shop is trying to prevent crimes like this from happening.

On top of being a buy, sell and consignment shop, The We-List Store also provides a public location for people to bring their items they’ve listed online.

Then interested buyers can meet the sellers at the shop instead of their homes to negotiate and sell the items.

The store takes a 60/40 split for offering the service.

The owner says they’re hoping by providing this option it not only offers a middle man in the process but makes people feel safer when listing items on sites like Craigslist.

“What’s nice is, it’s actually a public place so if you’re concerned with strangers coming into your home or your concerned about getting the possibly getting the most for your money this is one way to do it,” says owner Jan Ross.

The We-List store also has a website similar to Craigslist where you can list items you want to sell.

For more information on the store visit their website at, www.theweliststore.com

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