MURPHY’S LAW: Sunday Scattershots

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Lebron James showed why he’s the most talented basketball player on the planet Sunday. In a near must-win game for the Heat, James was spectacular. 40 points, 18 rebounds, 9 assists. Staggering stat line. However, it does little to change the legitimate criticism that James disappears in the 4th quarter of the highest pressure games. It was a good step toward keeping alive what LBJ needs most: a ring.

The Cubs were awful this weekend.

Ricky Stenhouse dominated the Pioneer Hi-Bred 250 at the Iowa Speedway.  Stenhouse had time to run in and use the bathroom during pit stops.

Danica Patrick didn’t win. I wrote this before the race started.

I was jumping up and down during the stretch run of the Preakness. I’ll Have Another running down Bodemeister showed why horse racing can be so thrilling. Do we finally have our triple crown winner? I hope so, but I doubt it. I’ll Have Another just doesn’t sound like the name of a great horse.

Saw Van Halen Saturday night. Not a big fan, but wanted to see Eddie play guitar in-person before the band implodes again, which surely it will. David Lee Roth looked old (he’s 57), and wore dance shoes on some wooden platform designed to help him move like he’s still 27. Overall, it was a good show. Way overpriced at $170 for a ticket. Most interesting part of the night was the opening act: Kool & The Gang. Kool opens for Van Halen? What’s next, Ying-Yang Twins open for REO Speedwagon?

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