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SOUNDOFF VIDEO: What’ Bugging Andy 5/20/12

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We`re encouraged at the Big 12`s move to schedule its own New Year`s Day bowl game with the SEC beginning in 2014.  We encouraged at the thought of the Big 12 finding this kind of stable footing and hitching its wagon to the best football conference in the country.  We`re encouraged at the thought of a great game between two teams who`ve been selected on the strength of their respective records.  But for some of us, the best thing about this is that it`s another clear, pronounced step away from this archaic bowl system that we`ve been suffering under for far too long.

This is two of the best football conferences in the country, two of the big fish in the pond, saying 'we`re gonna take charge of our own destinies.'  Here`s hoping that other conferences follow suit.

Keeping this bowl system alive makes about as much sense as pursuing a master`s degree in cursive handwriting.  For too long, it`s been a millionaire boys club posing as a charity.  A popularity contest claiming to be a championship.

As fans of teams like Iowa and Iowa State, we`ve enjoyed the perks of being picked over teams that don`t travel as well, but that`s not fair and you know it.  The very idea of being invited to a championship rather than qualifying for one goes against the very core principle of sports.  The games are supposed to be on the field, and the Bowls have been playing theirs off of it.  Research has shown they don`t give nearly as much back to the communities that host them as they say they do, and they`ve made a fortune off bilking the very teams and schools that provide them with free entertainment.  The rich men who run them have lived like pashas on porn set all the while putting up a ridiculous non-profit front.  It`s time for their tower to be stormed and the royalty inside thrown out on its rump.  Let`s take this college football revolution all the way and let`s get back to screaming at the games themselves rather than the stupid system that sets them up.

The bowl games had their day, but so did the horse and buggy.  On the modern interstate of college football, they`re only snarling up traffic.  I`m Andy Fales, and that`s what`s bugging me.

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