UNANSWERED QUESTIONS: Family Of Dead Biker Talks

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A Dallas Center family tries to grapple with the loss of a father. He was killed over the weekend while riding his bike on a rural county road. The Dallas County Sheriff says 67 year-old Edward Giedraitis was hit and killed on Saturday night. It happened on 270th Street, a rural gravel road southwest of Dallas Center.

The Sheriff won't release many details, saying the investigation is ongoing. The Giedraitis family is trying to cope with the loss of the man they say lived life to the fullest. This wasn't your average 67 year-old. Ed Giedraitis biked, swam, ran, and his hobby was fixing up his beautiful old home in Dallas Center. His family says it wasn't unusual for him to get on his bike and ride 20, 30, even 40 miles. That's what he did Saturday night. Except this time, Ed didn't come home.

“He was passionate about anything he did and he was good at what he did,” says Ed’s brother Bill Bergell.

Family describes Ed Giedraitis as a rebel. They say the fun loving 67 year-old was up for anything, whether it was getting his hands dirty remodeling, kicking back on the porch, or living it up on the dance floor. Even with two knee replacements, the longtime welder loved to ride his bike. Ed's son Joe says the worst part of his father’s death is the unanswered questions. Who hit his father? Did they stop to help?

“I take great pride knowing that my father died doing something he enjoyed and loved, which was riding his bike. I know most of us can`t say we died doing something we enjoy doing,” says Joe.

The Dallas County Sheriff's Department says Giedraitis was hit sometime after 10:00 p.m. Saturday night, but his body wasn't discovered on 270th Street until sometime Sunday morning. Family members try not to place blame or assume the worst.

“There are so many scenarios that can be brought up here; what happened and how it happened. We don`t know and we`re waiting to find out,” says Ed’s brother Bill Bergell.

The hardest part for the Giedraitis family is knowing that their fun loving rebel spent his last few moments on earth without them, on the side of a gravel road. The Dallas County Sheriff's Department says they are not releasing any details surrounding the accident right now, just that they are still working on the investigation.

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