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WORKOUT OF THE WEEK: Farrell’s Body Shaping

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It`s known as one of the most popular fitness programs in Iowa, but what if Farrell’s Extreme Body Shaping is too extreme for you?

No worries, there`s a program to help you get there.

Seven months ago Michelle Berg never would`ve envisioned herself doing this.

“Well, I wasn`t very fit.  I didn`t have any kind of regular exercise program at all and I knew that I needed to be involved in something.” Michelle said.

She was on blood pressure meds and her cholesterol was getting high.  Her doctor was concerned, and so was her family.

“My brother had been trying to get me to do the regular Farrell`s ten week class and I just felt that was going to be too much to start with.”

But when her brother told her about a new Farrell’s program she was out of excuses.

“The nice thing about 'fit start' is they do a lot of modifying for people`s physical doesn`t move at as fast a pace, there are a few more breaks in it.”

“The results have been`s gone really well, far better than we expected.” said Lance Farrell.

Lance Farrell likes to say he helps people live life at level ten.  But until he created the 'fit start' program, a lot of people didn`t have that option.

“We wanted to bring something to those people who lost hope - they didn`t know what they were going to do...this program gives them something they can do - they can get started”

High impact moves are eliminated and participants can do portions of the class sitting down.  That doesn`t mean it`s easy. 

“The people who come here six days a week in the regular program are crawling off the mat after a great workout...people in 'fit start' are also doing that, but their level 10 is different than the people doing the regular program.” Lance commented.

Speaking of which ... Remember Michelle’s brother?

“I called him that first night and I was angry with him...I said, WHAT did you get me into?!?!  But by week two or three I was thanking him for suggesting the program and giving me the push to get into it.” Michelle said.

Michelle`s in the extreme body shaping program now and says she`s never felt better.

“I do enjoy it and I miss it if I`m not able to I`m planning to continue for the long term.”