MOTHER SPEAKS: Son Killed By Fallen Tree

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The life of a three year old boy was cut tragically short when a tree fell on him in his backyard in Fontanelle, killing him instantly. Now his family is sharing his story- hoping to prevent other families from going through what they are today.

“No mother should have to bury her son. It should be the other way around,” said Alisha Hutt, Nathan’s mom.

As Alisha Hutt plans her 3 year old son's funeral, she remembers what he was like, and all the lives Nathan touched.

“He knew no stranger, he'd walk up to anybody, hug everybody, ask you if you were ok. Daddy couldn’t even go out the door without getting help. Wait daddy wait! He'd say,” said Hutt.

The small memorial set up in front of the house, with all of Nathan's favorite toys, is a constant reminder for Alisha. Still, she said, it still doesn’t seem real.

“I know he's gone. But I just haven't accepted it. Like I said, I'm still waiting for him to yell mama get over here or come here mama you know? I just haven't accepted it," said Hutt.

The accident happened Sunday afternoon. Alisha says she was watching Nathan play with his new puppy. “Both of them were underneath the tree playing and a big gust of wind came. I was outside watching him and came inside to use the restroom. And I heard a big crack,” Hutt remembered, “I thought it was daddy on the back porch. He dropped something. Something. I never thought about a tree. He came around the corner and saw the roots of the tree and darted out the doors. Saw Nathan's feet under the tree. He slid under the tree and screamed- call 911.”

When the paramedics arrived, it was already too late.

The Hutt's had just moved to this home a few months ago, and neither they nor the landlords had any reason to suspect the tree was anything but healthy. But on the inside, the tree was hollowed out.

“You see a tree and you see how wide it is, you think it's sturdy. You don't think it's going to fall,” said Alisha in disbelief.

Now Alisha is determined to share her son's story, and make sure the unthinkable never happens to any one's else's family.

“It’s hard to bury your child. You shouldn't have to. Spend as much time as you can with them. Cherish them. Because you never know, one day they could be gone,” said Hutt.

Nathan was an organ donor. His parents say he has already helped save six children's lives with that gift.

His family says Nathan’s nickname was “Tader” because potatoes were one of his favorite foods. Nathan also loved horses.

Nathan's visitation is Monday, from 4:00-8:00, and the funeral is Tuesday at 3:00. Both are at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Fontanelle.

His parents have set up a memorial fund for him at First National Bank in Fontanelle. The money will help with funeral costs. Their goal is to buy Nathan a headstone with his picture on it, as well as a plot of land in a part of the cemetery specifically for children.