Authorities say a Le Grand man is accused of sexually abusing three of his children.
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ALLEGED ABUSE: Man Accused Of Sexual Abuse

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Authorities say a Le Grand man is accused of sexually abusing three of his children.

The Marshall County Sheriff's Office arrested a 29 year old man for allegedly involving in sexual activity with his child, and two step children.

All three are under the age of 12.

“I don`t think anyone really truly is understanding or at least from my viewpoint in law enforcement, I’ve been in law enforcement 36 years, are accepting of this sort of ordeal. These are children. Stay away from them,” said Marshall County Sheriff Ted Kamatchus.

29 year old Phillip Carter of Le Grand is accused of sexually abusing 3 young children- his own child and 2 stepchildren.

Carter was arrested in Marshalltown, on the 1500 block of East Anson Street.

“I am really proud of the investigation the work we were able to do with the county attorney`s office, the department of human services and my staff and getting this completed to a positive end. As positive as can be expected at this point,” said Kamatchus.

The investigation isn't over.

Sheriff Kamatchus say now the priority is the victims in the case.

“You have to be careful. This is a traumatic situation for some young people and it’s something that’s going to be with them for the rest of their lives, so we want to make sure that the investigation is done right and above ground and with care and it’s done quickly,” said Kamatchus.

The judge initially ordered Carter to be held without bond. Now he's being held at the Marshall County jail on $25,000, cash only.