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CLINIC CLOSING: 1800 Patients Scramble

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Iowa Health is closing it’s pain management clinic at the end of the month—leaving about 18-hundred patients scrambling to find care. Patients received a letter last week saying the clinic would close, but not explaining why. A spokeswoman tells us the clinic is having a difficult time recruiting doctors.  One of the doctors at the clinic, Doctor Daniel Baldi, is on administrative leave and is facing two lawsuits, including one that alleges he prescribed medication one-thousand times greater than the patient required. That patient later died.   Patients we spoke with say they don’t know what they’ll do without the clinic.

"Just shutting down and leaving 18-hundred patients up in the air and not really knowing what to do, who to call, where to go.'s horrible." says patient Marvin Hammernick Jr. 

"It helps me to where I can walk." adds patient Ken Smith, "And like i said, if I lose them I'm...I'm lost."