MORNING BUZZ: Economy, Taser and Green/Green

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Good Afternoon.  

One of the uncomfortable parts of this job for men is wearing makeup.  I don’t mind it…but it’s usually an odd conversation when you go buy it.  “No…that’s not for my wife…it’s for me.”

That said, I’ve been going around the newsroom today showing people my new makeup.  Really…I have.  It’s Green.  The guy I buy makeup from in the East Village looked at me when I went in to get a refill yesterday and asked if I’d been out in the sun.  I have been…and plan to be more.  He told me the green will get rid of some of the red in my Irish mug.    The thing is…it worked!  I  know…most of the women reading this are saying, “Duahhh…green is the opposite of red on the color wheel.”  If you’d asked me what a color wheel was yesterday?…I would have told you it was a way to trick out a car.  Anyway…I thought it was interesting.


The Jobs report was bad news for the President this morning.  Less than half the expected jobs created in the economy, consumer spending slower than they’s like to see….  Here’s the thing.  The President doesn’t have a lot of control over jobs created.  So the idea that Romeny would do better…is probably a stretch…and the idea that The President could take credit for gains (if they’d come) is also ridiculous.  

I watched a little bit of CNBC this morning when they were talking about the jobs report and I am reminded why I stopped watching those guys during the economic crisis.  They scare the crap out of me.  The world is again on the verge of being in a very bad place economically and no one can seem to agree how we’re going to dig our way out of it.  


The video showing a police officer using a taser on a women who was in handcuffs is nearly impossible to defend.  It’s my understanding that once a subject is in handcuffs and leg restraints in this case, the officer can’t use tactics like this.  In this case he used it multiple times.  

Now, I would never scream obscenities at an officer over and over…the woman this happened to was obviously upset.  The video does not show her to be a danger to anyone in the back seat of that squad car.  Did I mention the police were there to check on her as the potential victim of domestic abuse?  Why were they going to detain her anyway?  None of this looks good.  it looks even worse that the City wouldn’t respond until they realized we had the tape.  If there is another explanation Chariton better get it out there and quickly.


The Principal Charity Classic is one of the best events on the Champions Tour every year.  This year is no exception.  Aside from yesterday’s bad weather…it looks like they are going to get three great days for the tournament.  If you haven’t been…I advise a trip out to Glen Oaks.  If you have been already, I bet you’re planning on going back.  

The Hindenburg

A very nice man just called to give me a very nice, albeit odd, compliment.  He said I showed some emotion in my voice when reporting a story on today’s Noon News about a Cancer patient.  I’m not sure I intended to do that…but OK.  Anyway he compared me to the guy who reported the Hindenburg going down…Herbert Morrison (I had to look it up).  I’m sure I wasn’t that dramatic but I will take the compliment.

On A Break

I also wanted to mention this will be my last Noon Newscast for a little while.  I am taking a break for the summer months.  I hope it will leave me a little more rested at the end of the break, and help open some opportunities to get out an participate is events I miss out on usually with my odd schedule.

Happy National donut day and I hope you have a great weekend!