GOLDEN APPLE: June 2012 Winner

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There are great teachers and then there are those special teachers who inspire you even after you are finished with school. This month’s golden apple award winner has been inspiring generations of students in the town of Pleasantville through his love of music.

On the second to last day of school in Pleasantville students are excited about summer. At this assembly they realize it’s not the only reason to celebrate.

“This is really a honor.” said golden apple winner John Turnage.

Mr. Turnage is the Jr. High and High school band teacher. After 34 years with the district… he`s retiring.

His students say he really cannot be replaced.

“Six years with him helped me grow as a person… I bet others would say he is a great teacher.”

“He`s always pushing me to be a better student; great inspiration in my high school career.”

There`s no music spilling into the halls on this day… students are busy putting away uniforms and cleaning up instead. And for this lifelong teacher… it`s a bittersweet moment as he reflects on the legacy he leaves behind; a band program known for winning lots of competitions.

“The group is ever changing… but there tends to be handed down… desire to improve… I like that.” said Turnage.