IN NEED: Study Shows Iowans Struggling

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More and more Iowans are having a hard time making ends meet.

Tom Willis lives in Davenport’s Salvation Army Center with his wife and four kids. He’s been unemployed for two months and is having trouble finding more work.

“When you’re coming from not being able to have a place to sleep and food…this is a castle,” says Willis.

A new study shows he’s not alone in his struggles.

The study by the Iowa Policy Project shows 23-percent of Iowa households don’t make enough to fit basic needs.

Workers at the Salvation Army center see it firsthand. It now has 200 people on a waiting list trying to get in.

“They were scraping by, but they just don’t have the means anymore to do it, and they don’t have a job, so now…they have nowhere else to turn,” says Kelle Tappendorf with the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army says demand for its overnight shelter is up. Workers there refer people to other shelters, but many of those are also full.