MURPHY’S LAW: Mast Rising, Tiger on Top, Babysitting

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By Chris Hassel

Mike Goodes had the goods in the opening round of the Principal Charity Classic. Goodes fired a 7-under, 64, to take a two-stroke lead into the weekend. Several big names are within four shots of the lead, including: Jay Haas, Tom Lehman, and Kenny Perry. Dick Mast is also within four of the lead at 3-under. That’s Dick Mast.

Tiger Woods is on top of the leaderboard, again. After three straight rough outings, Tiger is currently tied for first at The Memorial. Woods has a win and a second place finish in 8 tournaments this year. He has a good chance to win his 9th. Those that say he will never win another major are crazy.

Zach Johnson is taking the week off. When most people take a week off, they go golfing. Not Johnson. He’s probably cashing that huge cardboard check that he received last weekend.

Miami and Boston again tonight. Why is it that teams are only given one day off between games in the conference finals, but in the first round they’re given 2 and sometimes 3 days between games? TV is the obvious answer, but c’mon…that’s ridiculous.

The Cubs are putting their 3-game winning-streak on the line in San Fran, tonight. They only need to win 15 more to get back above the .500 mark.

The Barnstormers are on the NFL Network, tonight. Despite the fact that Iowa has been awful, of late, the Stormers should have a decent crowd at Wells Fargo Arena. The I-Cubs are out of town, and it’s a little too chilly to hang out on the deck all night. Or am I just too much of a cold weather pansy?

My dad’s dog, Wrigley, is visiting this week. I took her over to Andy’s to babysit his daughter, Elin. It was the first time since I watched my younger sisters, when I was about 10, that I’ve baby-sat by myself. Elin actually caused less trouble than Wrigley.

I caught up on Game of Thrones, last night. If you’re not watching it because you think it’s too unrealistic, get over yourself. If you’re not watching because you can’t spend the extra 30 bucks a month for HBO, go give some plasma.