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PET THERAPY: Pups Have Positive Impact

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End-of-life care in central Iowa is getting a bit more cuddly.

Iowa Health Hospice is launching the first animal assisted therapy program in the metro.

Studies show pet therapy can have a positive impact on quality of life.  It can also decrease blood pressure and heart rate and is good socialization.

Friday, we saw the impact first hand as Paxil met with Barbara at Taylor House Hospice.

Barbara says, “I think he's the most wonderful buddy.  I wish he could come every day to see me.”

Patty Kaplan, program organizer, says, “They are a moment out of a patient’s day where they get a chance to unwind hug something soft and take mind off illness.”

Organizers are looking for more dogs to help build the program.  Any pups and their owners are welcome to participate.  Dogs just need to be good tempered, over a year old and know basic obedience.