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MURPHY’S LAW: Sunday Scattershots

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Shawn Johnson’s comeback won’t make it to London, but she’ll never have to wonder if she walked away too soon. It’s the right time now, and she knows it. She has nothing left to prove in gymnastics.

Tiger Woods chip on 16 to take charge of the Memorial was the first glimpse of Tiger magic since he backed into a fire hydrant.

Jay Haas won the Principal Charity Classic for the third time in six years. That’s a pretty good run. The Classic is run right. And don’t forget the NCAA Track & Field Championships this week at Drake Stadium.

The Celtics-Heat and Thunder-Spurs both tied at two. This is getting interesting, though I’ll stick with my pre-playoffs pick, Spurs vs Heat with the Spurs winning it all.

Lebron and Wade didn’t show up at the post-game podium following their overtime loss. I’m not surprised.

There’s no one I enjoy watching right now more than Rajon Rondo.

Justin Blackmon, call a cab. Rent a limo. Hire a designated driver.

My wife made some kind of Snickers dip for a party we threw for my parents. I think it changed B-Ross’s life. And not in a good way. He’ll look like Sherman Klump soon.


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