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SOUNDOFF VIDEO: I Think 6/3/12

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Shawn Johnson

Retire at age 20?  That sounds pretty good.  Only I’m 28 years too late.

I think Shawn Johnson calls it a career at the right time.  Shawn's knees are old, in a sport that favors youth.

With four Olympic medals, and a world championship, Shawn has nothing to prove, and a new life ahead.

Principal Classic

I think the Principal Charity Classic is one of the best run events in Iowa.

Everyone involved "gets it" even if most of us don't really care who wins.

NCAA Champ

Don't rest sports fans. We have another big event this weekend. The NCAA Track and Field Championships return to Drake Stadium. Keep 'em coming!

Lolo Jones

I think Lolo Jones hitting a hurdle, and not finishing a race in Rome this week is a reminder we should make no assumptions. Lolo still has to make the Olympic team next month in Oregon, and with hurdles, it's never certain.


I think Fifty Shades of Sebring leaves our former superintendent of schools, jobless and humiliated.

On some level, I feel for Sebring having her private life exposed, but anyone who doesn't think this is a story, needs to check himself.  The area's top educator used a state computer, during her work shift, to repeatedly send sexually graphic emails to a lover???

There are so many head-scratching elements to this, but let's leave it at our superintendent needs to show more smarts.


Lust makes fools of us all. Especially when we add a motorcycle to the emails.

Des Moines Register

The Des Moines Register broke the Sebring emails story the same week the Register launched its new pay windows. Ch-ching!


I think Baylor's relieved it's not on Iowa's schedule.

A photo of Hawkeye Quarterback James Vandenberg brought excitement, outrage, and a comment from a critic who says he's surprised Vandenberg didn't miss.


I think Fred Hoiberg and Iowa State belong together. It just works.

So even if Jamie Pollard didn't need to double the Mayor's salary and add eight years, considering what Hoiberg's done in two seasons to restore Hilton Magic, it's a smart play.

Lil Wayne

And I like the Thunder more knowing they told rapper Lil Wayne he couldn't just walk up and get a courtside seat. Get this: he actually needed a ticket!

Lil Wayne was mad. Me, glad.


Shawn Johnson

I think I`m glad that Shawn Johnson gave the 2012 Olympics an honest try.  I expect that when you dedicate your life to something, letting it go is one of the most difficult things in the world.  I`m proud to say I got the chance to cover her career.

Principal Charity Classic

Principal Charity Classic  I don`t think I need to be a big fan of golf to be a fan of the Principal Charity Classic.  It helps validate the Des Moines sports scene and brings in a bunch of money for local charities.

Dam to Dam

Dam to Dam - I`m less interested in distance running than I am in golf, but I watched the Dam to Dam race completely PACK downtown Des Moines on Saturday...ALL of downtown...and that is GREAT for business. I say give us as many of these damn Dam to Dams as you damn well please.

Farmer’s Market

Same thing with the Farmer`s Market...Totally packed, vendors selling a little bit of everything, really cool scene that`s great for Des Moines, but here`s one request...don`t stand in the middle of the street.  You wanna talk to your friends on or your cell phone? Fine. Move to the side! You wouldn`t park your car in the middle of a highway, would you?

James Vandenberg

I think James Vanden Berg is brave for facing onrushing Big Ten linemen, but not for sitting in a tree stand and killing a bear that was lured to a pile of food on the ground beneath him.

Stanley Cup

Let`s see...Packers, Mavericks, Cardinals, Giants and now the Los Angeles Kings. None of them entered the playoffs as the favorite but all were red-hot at the end of the regular season.  I think you better ride that hot team, man.

Des Moines Register

Finally, I think having to pay to read the Des Moines Register online completely sucks, and I`m gonna really let `em have it in What`s Bugging Andy.  Stay tuned.

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