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SOUNDOFF VIDEO: What’s Bugging Andy 6/3/12

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Keith, you said it yourself, yet another freedom, snatched away from Americans!

The freedom to read the Des Moines Register online! I had to start up that 7-day free trial, last week! We`ve gotta PAY to read the newspaper? What`s next? We`ll have to pay to use the escalator at the mall? Since it`s always been free, it`s supposed to always be free!  It`s like, uh...TV.

You don`t see anybody paying for TV, do you?

Oh, well...cable TV...satellite TV...internet TV...Pay Per View.  Fine.  Radio, then. It`s like radio.

Radio is still free.

Well...Sirius XM Satellite Radio...alright, forget it.  So we`re paying for stuff that we used to get for free.  That sucks, and the only thing that sucks more is that the Register is really right to do this and the rest of us would be right to pitch in and subscribe.  This is a service that they`ve been providing for free...investigative journalism, storytelling and coverage of local events that we can`t always find elsewhere.  We`ve essentially been living off of hand outs for years, now, and once you find out that that`s the case, maybe it`s easier to buck up and pay for it.  I read the Register online every day. And for about 33 cents a day, that can continue.  I waste money on far less enriching crap all the time!  But see, the point is, that crap was never FREE!

Well, water.  Somehow, Americans got talked into buying bottles of water at about a dollar apiece when the same bottle filled up out of their tap would cost about 1.3 tenths of a cent. If you`ve ever been talked into buying bottled water, bitching about paying for a newspaper sounds pretty hypocritical.  But that`s the way we do it, isn`t it? We complain about the cost of gas, but continue to buy huge cars and trucks.  We complain about losing our local post offices, but the only letters we write anymore are Thank-You cards to our grandparents.

In this case we have a newspaper which has completely changed its format to fit our exact needs and it`s going to charge us the equivalent of couch change to do it, and the only reason we have a problem with it is because for the last few years, we`ve been able to spend that couch change on something else.  I`m Andy Fales and that`s What`s Bugging Me.

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