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WOMAN IDENTIFIED: Pulled From Burning Home

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A Polk County woman is hospitalized with severe burns to her body.  Neighbors pulled 56 year old Patricia Grandmaitre from her home after an explosion inside Saturday afternoon.

John Ostring was working in the yard when heard a “big boom”.

“I went around and I seen the flames and I seen the roof go up in the air,” he says.

Ostring ran to help when he saw his neighbor wasn’t in good shape.

“I seen her trying to get out and then she fell down and the house was on fire.  I never seen insulation burn so fast.  So we got her up and got her out,” says Ostring.

Saylor Township Fire Deputy Chief Rob Zeis arrived next.

“The smoke plume could be seen from about a mile and a half away so I immediately called for a second alarm,” says Zeis.

Fire investigators are trying to pinpoint the cause of the explosion.  While they have a pretty good idea, they can’t say for certain.

“The resident had reported that she had been cooking on the stove, had walked away for a few minutes and came back and then saw an explosion,” he says.

Firefighters couldn’t save Grandmaitre’s house so they went on the defense, trying to keep the flames from spreading to the neighbors.

“Me and my neighbor did to keep my siding from melting and keep my house from getting on fire.  It melted some, but it could have been worse,” says Ostring.

Grandmaitre was taken to the hospital in Iowa City.  Officials have not released her condition.

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