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ERIN OFF CAMERA: Comments, Reality & Rock Stars

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Happy Monday, friends!


I have gotten the biggest kick out of your comments and emails following my last post.  Thank you for responding.  Many of you had me sitting here at my desk laughing out loud.  Others were very kind and supportive.  I appreciate it.  Here’s the thing – I don’t mind criticism.  Here is an example of criticism that in my opinion is 1) relevant  2) delivered in a polite way.

Dear Erin,

This is the Grammar Nazi from Grinnell.  After over a year I  finally  caught you in an  grammatical error.  Last night, I don’t remember which news cast, and I don’t remember word for word what you said, but I do remember the phrase well enough to give you an example of “don’t end a sentence with a proposition.”   You were reporting on the ex-Des Moines Superintendent.  You stated something  like  “who she was having an affair with,” which should have been stated (as you certainly know) “with whom she was having an affair.”   Sure has taken me a long time to catch you in an  error, but I did.  Now you owe me a steak supper. 

Jack D. Marcum

I replied to Jack’s email, letting him know I appreciate him acting as the “grammar police”.  It’s true!  I don’t want to sound stupid on TV (or ever) and as a person who is supposed to have good command of the English language I shouldn’t be ending a sentence with a preposition. 


The reality is, all of us make mistakes (grammatically and otherwise).  All of us have bad hair days and occasionally wear clothes that may not be the most flattering.  I don’t necessarily subscribe to the “If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all” way of operating, but I do think the world would be a better place if people delivered their criticism in a more constructive manner.

Rock Stars

The craziest stuff happens to my husband.  He is always running into famous people.  Some are jerks, others are aloof, none have been as nice as the guy Michael met most recently.  Last week he was flying home from Chicago and was seated next to James Young from the band Styx.  Michael and J.Y. had a nice chat and in baggage claim, the rock star asked the businessman for his card.  Cool.  The next morning, Michael received an email from Young.  Wild!  That afternoon, a voice mail!  Crazy!

We attended the show Friday night and it was incredible.  I think Styx is one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen.  Michael and I actually saw them play at the Iowa State Fair the summer we were dating (twelve years ago) so this made for a fun date night for us.  After the show we visited with Young backstage.  What a smart, funny, talented, NICE person.  One of his high school friends was there and it was neat to see that the rock star has maintained relationships with people from “back in the day”.

This photo is not from last Friday’s show and I have to give credit to the person who took it … the mailman!  Seriously!  In another weird twist, Michael and I got to visiting with the mailman on Friday and he told us about his hobby as an amateur photographer.  Mike (of the mailman/photographer variety) takes pictures and writes reviews for You Tell Concerts.  

Is life funny (and fun) or what?!?


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