MURPHY’S LAW: Monday Scattershots

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The Los Angeles Kings win the Stanley Cup. LA just doesn’t feel right for a hockey town, but it was nice to see former Des Moines Buc Trevor Lewis, not only hoist the Cup, but score two goals in the clincher.

Met the Buccaneers new head coach today, Jon Rogger. He’s an easy guy to talk to. He looks like a cross between Chris Hassel and Daniel Day Lewis.

Anthony Rizzo is hurting baseballs. Rizzo hit two more home runs Monday night. That’s four in two days. Rizzo hit one where the ball just exploded off his bat. Watch it here,  courtesy of Zach Borg’s HD camera.

My friend Chris Williams is right: changing the Omaha Royals name to Storm Chasers just to sell more gear was a miscalculated misfire. The name remains a stupid choice for a baseball team.

Just finished John Grisham’s “Calico Joe”. I really enjoyed it— more than I expected. Grisham’s football book, Playing for Pizza, was not good. This is much better, and it’s easy to see it becoming a movie. In the book, Joe plays for the Cubs, and it combines real names and events with fictitious ones.

A devastating day in court for the Jerry Sandusky defense team. Good. If you’d like to read details from Dan Wetzel, it’s well written, but not easy. Read here

Ochocinco signed with the Dolphins. Remind me again which team is on HBO’s Hard Knocks?

A common U-S Open question lately: The Tiger/Phil/Bubba trio, or the field? The field.

Joe Montana turned 56. He’s still cool.

Few doubted Michael Jordan said, “me or him” when it came to Isiah Thomas on the Dream Team. It was widely rumored, and there was no other good explanation for not including Thomas. Jordan denied it for years, but now admits it. Can’t wait to see the Dream Team documentary. Someone will have to record it for me. I don’t have NBA-TV.

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