ARNOLD’S HOME: Famous Actor’s Iowa Home

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Iowa native Tom Arnold is known for his work in Hollywood, but what many might have forgotten, is that he and his then wife, Roseanne Arnold, planned to build a huge mansion in a remote area southeast of Ottumwa.

Thursday, for the first time, visitors were allowed to visit the house which is located far from any road near Eldon, Iowa. 

WHO Radio's Van and Bonnie worked out the deal to invite listeners to see what is left of the mammoth house. 

The home is still stable enough for people to walk inside.

Gary Van Vark of Pella was an electrical sub-contractor on the house.  He said, “Word had just kinda gotten back to the construction people that things weren't going so great with Tom and Roseanne.”

The home was donated by Tom and Roseanne to Indian Hills Community College, and later it was sold.

Now, in the middle of a farm, the house has not been torn down because it was cost a small fortune just to remove all the concrete and lumber.