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MORNING BUZZ: Random Friday Thoughts

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Good Morning.

Not a lot to talk about this morning…but some random thoughts knocking around.

There are chances of rain in the forecast through the weekend though Bret is saying those are scattered and a little unpredictable.


Does the lawyer for Dr Nancy Sebring really believe himself when he says those emails shouldn’t be released?  Government employee uses government computer on taxpayer time…where, in any of that, is there an expectation of privacy?  Dr Sebring should have thought about that before she used this email.

I will say again, I think the protesting about release fo these emails has nothing to do with personal life.  I think there are other correspondence that paint a much more damaging picture of Dr Sebring’s tenure and School Board oversight of her job.


The unemployment numbers for Iowa in May are out this morning.  We’re getting signals that Iowa is a place where people are hiring and jobs are available.  Publications like Forbes are highlighting Iowa as a place where people who’ve been out of work can find a job and resettle.  But, Pat, you say, I don’t have a job and I can’t find one.  Of course there are cases where people will have a tough time finding a job…but if you didn’t have a career in the first place and don’t really know what you want to do…it’s time to go get a paycheck.  There’s really no excuse.  There are jobs out there…like driving a truck.  They’ll pay you to train to drive.  Now is that really a bad job?  I’d do it if I got to the point I really needed work.  And by the way…it pays REALLY well.


Bret and I were talking about the US Open..  I watched a good deal of the coverage yesterday.  My Direct TV has four extra channels for me to geek out on all day…and that’s what I am going to do again today.

Bret didn’t watch as much of it and he says he’s not a big fan of US Opens in general.  Why?  He likes watching birdies.  The USGA is trying to set up a course that produces a score as close to par as possible.  I love it.  It is the purest test of golf in the world.


Someone replied to my rant on merging yesterday.  Here’s another perspective:

Patrick –

Two things in your blog this morning bothered me just a bit.

Merging from the on ramps – the YIELD sign is for those merging not the people already on the interstate.  If I can’t move over to the other lane, I shouldn’t have to be the one putting on my brakes on a busy highway – that could be more dangerous than someone having to slow down on the ramp.  I used to drive on I35 every day to get to my job in Ames and there were days when I almost had to come to a complete stop getting on to the interstate if the traffic was too heavy. I obey the YIELD sign and don’t expect the drivers already out there to slow down for me.



Just something else to think about.

Have a good day