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MURPHY’S LAW: Tiger, Berman, Miller 64

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By Chris Hassel

As I begin writing this blog, Tiger Woods is tied for the lead at 1-under-par, at the U.S. Open. Yesterday I tweeted that this seemed like one of those majors where Tiger laps the field. That was when he was 3 back. It’s amazing how many people love to hate on Tiger. I don’t like Tiger as a person, but I love him as a player. Someone asked me why I loved Tiger, and hated LeBron. Easy. Tiger is great. LeBron wants to be great. Tiger did it all on his own. LeBron couldn’t get it done on his own, so he joined a quasi ‘Dream Team’, in Miami. Last year, I cheered my head off for the Mavs when they were playing the Heat, but I’m a little torn, this year. While I don’t want LeBron to win a title, I’m kind of getting sick of all the people who think the Thunder are going to go on some kind of title terror, where they win 6 or 7 championships in 10¬† years.

Did you hear what some ESPN basketball writer tweeted a couple night’s ago? This guy, named Chris Palmer, says that the original “Dream Team” would get run off the court by today’s American players. He included Rondo, and Westbrook. Give me a break. All 11 of those guys were Hall of Famers. Rondo and Westbrook are way too young for anyone to think they’re even close to sniffing the hall.

I can’t stand listening to Chris Berman call golf. I’m sure there are people who feel the same way about me. Check that — I know there are people who feel the same way about me because I’ve heard from them.

We finally got some rain. Good for most, but not for our poor intern, Blake. He was out shooting baseball when the rains came. Pour Blake.

These Miller 64 commercials make no sense. A bunch of guys acting manly all day and then drinking a 64-calorie beer? Good luck with that, Miller.

I’m thinking about getting my hair cut between the 6 and the 10, tonight. I’ve done it once before and no one noticed. Maybe I’ll ask for Andy’s ‘Boundary Waters Cut’. Andy said he shaved his head, this morning, in preparation for his annual trip to the Minnesota wilderness. You’ll have a chance to see his new do on SoundOFF, Sunday night. He leaves on Monday and we won’t hear from him again for a whole week. Andy doesn’t bring his cell phone on his camping adventure. He says that if he’s gone for more than 10 days, just to assume he’s dead. Comforting for his wife, I’m sure.