POP TABS: Man Builds Structure To Honor Charity

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A Des Moines man is dedicated to helping the Ronald McDonald House and in the process making some creative art.

Todd Mannebach says he is the record holder for the most tabs donated to the Ronald McDonald House pop tab collection program. 

To celebrate the program’s 20th anniversary he has used more than 320,000 tabs to build a structure. 

Mannebach says when he started the project he never thought it would become such a time-consuming hobby

“I just wanted to kill some time. Started clippin’ away. Probably wrecked a few thousand tabs and made a simple necklace. And then I decided to make something bigger,” says Mannebach.

The Ronald McDonald House sells the donated pop tabs for scrap metal, earning the Des Moines charity $5,000 t0 $6,000 each year.