VFW CONVENTION: Lawmakers Speak To Vets

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Two Iowa congressmen are in the metro bringing attention to the military and those who have served bravely Friday.

Congressmen Tom Latham and Leonard Boswell attended the Veterans of Foreign Wars state convention.

Rep. Latham said, “As the debate over the direction of our country continues we must never lose track in my mind of those of you who fought for us. We can never let partisan politics cloud our judgment when it comes to taking care of our veterans and those that currently serve in our uniforms.”

Latham also discussed his effort to fight the Department of Defense spending cuts. The cuts include a Des Moines-based F-16 unit. He says it shows our troops are paying the price of bad politics.

Boswell talked about returning soldier unemployment.

He says Congress is working on legislation that will offer incentives to business that hire returning and injured soldiers.

The convention runs through the weekend in West Des Moines.