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MORNING BUZZ: Trouble on the Water, In the Bank, and Food Poisoning

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Good Morning!

So, as my family was giving me gifts on Father’s Day…I was sure I was giving them food poisoning.   Thankfully that didn’t happen.

I wanted to BBQ Ribs Sunday…So we went out and got some at Costco.  As I was preparing to rub the ribs Sunday morning I forgot to rinse off and then pat dry, the ribs.  If you’ve ever pulled Baby Back Ribs out of the package…they stink a little…  a rinse can usually take care of it.  Since I forgot…the funk stuck around.  

Then my cooking time was off.  It’s my own fault.  I am notorious for mis-timing dinner when we grill ribs.  It says the ribs should be on a grill between 200-250 for about four hours.  Sometimes mine take an hour and a half…So when I told Sally I was going to put the ribs on at about 1:45 she gave me a look like…”I don’t want to be eating at 4:30″.  I took her suggestion under advisement and compromised….2:15.  Well, I finally figured out the fire.  It was a steady 200 for three hours…and the meat hadn’t pulled back from the bone at all…So we left it a little longer…and cooked up a grilled cheese for the boys.  

I finally pulled the ribs off the grill at about 6.  I cut into the thickest part of the slab…they weren’t done.  Thankfully most of the thinner ribs were done…but I was worried.  It was a happy Father’s Day that included a new Coffee Mug for work…a running shirt and some Pajama pants.  The boys both made be popsicle stick picture frames with pictures of themselves in them.  They are a great keepsake.  

Trouble in the Water

We were sad to hear about another drowning when we got to work this morning.  One is too many…to have about a dozen SO FAR this summer is WAY too many.  Who knows why some years are safe on the water and some years we have more accidents.  It feels better to try to find a reason but choices, accidents, circumstances all lead to these kinds of tragedies.  We can do a lot to try to prevent drownings but as long as there are people out swimming in the summer…it;s going to happen.

In the Bank

The State cut about $500,000 in funding to the Food Bank of Iowa this year.  The Governor used a line item veto to do it.  The Lt Governor got up yesterday and encouraged people to donate to the Food Bank.  Some people in our newsroom thought that was hypocritical.  I disagree.  The Lt. Gov makes the point, correctly I think, that Non-profits like The Food Bank shouldn’t come to count on Government funding.  They are a private entity.  Like most of us, we’d LIKE to give more…but it just isn’t in the budget right now.  The State is in the same position.  


That’s the catch phrase Microsoft is trying to get us all to use when referencing their new tablet that’s supposed to compete with the iPad.  Good Luck with that.  Here’s my problem.  Microsoft is selling this thing as a tablet when it seems more like a thin laptop.  If It’s a cool laptop…and costs as much.  It doesn’t seem to me to fit the same function as an iPad.

I hope you have a good day!


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