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FINAL REST: Iowa’s Forgotten Veterans Interred

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After years of being forgotten, 21 Iowa veterans were laid to rest Friday and given the honors they deserve.

"This is for the veterans. They have no family, no next of kin we could find. So we as veterans want to make sure they don't go without some family with them. And we are their family,” says Bill Lauchlin, the Iowa coordinator for the Missing In America Project.

The Missing In America Project takes it upon itself to find these lost men and women after death, and give them a proper ceremony and burial.

Each year, there are usually one or two given these honors, but this year 21 veterans and two spouses were remembered. That’s the most ever so far in Iowa.

The men and women interred Friday held varying ranks, and participated in different wars.

Since there were no family members available, a representative from the Marines, Navy and Army stood by to be presented with a flag as a thank you for the service and sacrifice made.

Members of the Missing In America Project say they will continue searching for Iowa’s forgotten veterans as long as there is a need for it.

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