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MORNING BUZZ: The Decision, Time and Open Letter to PCC

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Good Morning, 

Lost to say so let’s get to it!

The Decision

I was as surprised as anyone at the Supreme Court Decision on the Healthcare law.  Now that we know the Court’s opinion, if everyone would back off the rhetoric and get working on making this program workable.  That’s a problem for Democrats because now all we’re going to hear about is how this is the biggest tax increase in a century.  There is a big pitfall for Republicans as well.  Polling shows Americans like a lot of the individual provision of this law.  Healthcare costs are growing too fast.  They have to have a better idea if they get the chance to repeal this law.  

More to the point, its become more clear to me as we have this debate, we are trying to fix the wrong thing.  The cost is a result of poor health choices.  We all have a chance to make better choices about what we eat and how active we are.  We can fix the cost of healthcare by taking ownership of our own health.


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Open Letter to PCC

So I hear the folks at Des Moines Golf and CC don’t want the PCC golf tournament at their place.  I can’t blame them…it’s their club…they can do what they want.  But with that Des Moines lost the last best place to hold the Principal Charity Classic that is actually IN TOWN.  With due respect to my friends at Wakonda, I think the facility is just too small.  You would work out parking and shuttling in fans…and the actual golf course it one of my favorites.  It’s not quite long enough for the pros but you could add tees in a few places that would make it a little longer. 

I don’t know how you fix the other issues.  The locker room facilities are older…where are you going to put the TV trucks?  and How about the range?  It bumps up to Fleur drive.  If I can’t use a driver on the range it’s a good bet these guys would be putting it into the church parking lot across the street. Maybe they’ve thought of all of this and have a solution.

I have another idea…hear me out.  How about The Harvester?  This used to be a crazy idea.  The players would have to stay so far away from the course.  Would fans drive all the way out to Rhodes?  Well thanks to Prairie Meadows, I think you might be able to do it.  Why couldn’t the players stay at PM?  Heck you could even park people at PM and shuttle them up to Rhodes for the tournament. It’s no more than a 15 min trip from Altoona. 

The Course itself is one of the best in the country.  It’s terrain is well suited for building stands and suites…in fact most of the greens have natural features that would allow a lot of people to see the action.  I know it’s a long shot but this course is one of the best kept secrets in the country.  I think it could work. 


We have a new meteorologist on the morning show.  Arielle Nixon will be working overnights and helping Jeriann out in the mornings. She is a welcome addition. She’s from Atlanta and graduated this spring from Georgia Tech.  She’s been working with the folks at WSB in Atlanta as an intern.  No one is going anywhere…we are just fortunate our bosses understand that the Morning’s…and particularly the weather in the mornings is very important to you!

I am off for the next week on vacation.  I hope you have a great week!


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