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MURPHY’S LAW: Rizzo Homers, Stormers Lose (again), Pants Party

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By Chris Hassel

Anthony Rizzo hit his first homer as a member of the Chicago Cubs, Saturday. It only took him four games to equal his total homerun output in 49 games for the Padres, last year. The Cubs have won two games in a row. Look out!

I’m a little confused as to why there isn’t any national buzz about Chow’s gymnast, Gabby Douglas. She’s not Shawn Johnson, but she looks to have the stuff to win all-around gold at the London Olympics. Gabby is just three-tenths of a point behind 2011 World Champion, Jordyn Wieber. And Gabby has charm. She may just be the most bubbly athlete in Olympic history. Just listen to her. 

I attended my first Barnstormers game of the season, and I was impressed with the crowd. With the I-Cubs out of town, fans showed their support. Unfortunately, the Barnstormers lost to a team that was 1-8 in its last 9 games. That one win came by forfeit when the opposing team failed to show up. Not kidding. 

I did something I had never before done, Friday night. I ate a piece of Fong’s Pizza before 2am. It was 1:45am. Still tasted just as good. 

Andy is having a “Check Your Pants” party, next month. He wants everyone to wear crazy pants. Easy for him — he has a bunch. I’m thinking about buying a pair, leaving the tags on, and then returning them after the party. Problem is, I’ll be worried all night about someone (or me) spilling on them. There will be a lot of hazards…babies, food, intoxicated people. It’s either that, or buy a pair from Goodwill. Shouldn’t be that hard for me. I used to only wear stuff from Goodwill when I was in High School. That was the “thing” to do in the early 2000’s in Muscatine. You weren’t cool if you paid more than $1.50 for a shirt. 

Andy’s pants

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