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NEW LAWS: New State Laws Go Into Effect Sunday

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The legislature passed them and the governor signed them into law, July 1stmore than a dozen new laws take effect here in Iowa.

  From more drink choices at your local bar to harsher penalties for drivers and a new help line for bullying, more than a dozen new laws hit the books tomorrow.

  You see law makers vote on the bills and the governor sign them into law. But it's easy to miss the time, when they actually take effect.

  “You try but it`s hard to keep up on all of them when summer comes you get busy doing stuff, says Rhonda Neuendorf.

Are you a cell phone user? The next time you pre-pay for a phone or a card, you'll have a new 33 cent monthly fee. That fee will help fund emergency 911 services.

  “I`m sure there`s new laws every July 1st, it’s hard to keep up with them though,” says Randy Neuendorf of Ankeny.

  A law you might not have heard about is a new suicide prevention hotline for teens who have been bullied. The $50,000 state funding is in honor of Kenneth Weishuhn, who killed himself after he was harassed for being gay.

  The selection of liquor at your local bar will expand starting July 1st. It's now legal to "infuse" liquor with ingredients like fruits, vegetables and even candy. The law dates back to the days of prohibition. Dos Rios was actually selling vanilla and berry vodka until last year. They say the process is perfectly safe.

  “There wasn`t any health threat by any means as long as we regulate what ingredients we`re using and keep logs open about what ingredients and what alcohol we’re using,’ says manager Jordan Giesemann.

  If you drive a car, your price break at the pump is extended for a year. Ethanol blended fuel users will get a two cent per gallon exemption. And earlier this year, the Governor signed "Kaydn's Law" after 7 year-old Kaydn Halverson, who was hit and killed by a car on her way to a school bus. The law extends stiffer penalties to cars that pass busses with flashing lights.

  Other laws that go into effect July 1st, you can now renew your driver’s licenses online every other time, and snowmobilers will now have to pay an annual $15 trail pass.


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