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TRAIN MUSEUM: Boone Opens Up Railroad Museum

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What started as a hobby collecting railroad memorabilia 30 years ago, has transformed into a one-of-a-kind collection.

“In 1980 I made my first purchase of railroad items got a baggage cart and a couple of motor cars and a few smaller things and I was off and you can see what happened to me out here I drowned in it before I was done,” says James H. Andrew.

91-year-old James Andrew’s collection includes everything from signs to railroad tools to his handmade Depot building he kept on his property.

“I hope people enjoy that and learn what life was like back around 1900’s,” says Andrew.

The museum which bares Andrew’s namesake contains over 5,000 railroad items from his personal collection, a collection that made the dream of a museum possible.

“We’re so fortunate to have a place finally where people can come and learn about these things, there is a lot of schools that we’ve been having come which is nice to expose new generations to this is a really great thing,” says Museum Administrator Mike Wendle.

The museum sits next to the Boone Scenic Valley Railroad, so now visitors can go for a ride and also take a way a piece of railroad history

“The railroads have been a very important thing in the state of Iowa and the whole Midwest, we have all of this to be thankful for,” says Andrew.

The museum already is one of the largest individual collections of railroad memorabilia in the country.

The museum says they’re already looking for more railroad artifacts to include in the building.

More information on the museum is available at, http://www.iowarailwaymuseum.org/


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