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LITTLE LIBRARY: Free Books to Community To Check Out

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Driving down Center Street, it's hard to miss.

"We have seen people stop the car and come look."

Look at this library in the front yard.

"It is kind of a national movement to put little free libraries all over the country."

Carmen Lampe Zeitler says she and her husband built a little free library a couple months ago after driving by one on 28th street south of Grand Ave.  The idea started in Wisconsin....and is spreading around the Midwest. The goal: share books.

"I think it's one of those things that caught people's imaginations."

"It’s baseball season, so ...'wait till next year.'"

You'll find everything from baseball books to children's books in the Zeitler's little library and sometimes even the couple finds a surprise.

"Somebody else put this in there, but we usually try to keep poetry books in there."

"Friends have brought books in they're finished with, and think somebody else would enjoy."

"It doesn't take long to make the little free libraries. The couple says it took about a week to make theirs, and it doesn't cost very much money."

"It was very easy to make. We had the materials. It's made from old fence we took down, and then we had some shingles left over from roofing the house, so really no cost, except paint."

They say the books stay dry, even in rain. And, no one has vandalized the library. So far, about one hundred books have been borrowed.

"It’s just been a great thing for the neighborhood. We've had notes left in the library thanking us for doing it."

For sharing a love of reading as strangers borrow books from their front yard.

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