Severe Thunderstorm Watch


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Happy Hot Monday, everyone!

I love hot weather.  I’ve always said I would rather sweat than shiver.  I still stand by that statement, but this stretch of heat and humidity is testing me.  Yesterday Michael and I did a bunch of work outside and both of us felt kind of sick by evening.  I don’t understand how people can exercise outside during the hottest part of the day when it’s like this.  Ugh!

I’ll never forget doing a live shot in weather like this on the patio of a local restaurant for the noon show.  I had sweat pouring down my body.  The photojournalist I was working with said, “I have so much sweat pouring down my legs, it’s like I’m peeing my pants.”  Gross.

I talked to my folks yesterday afternoon – it was 108 degrees there.  But as everyone in Arizona likes to say, “It’s a dry heat.” 

Speaking of hot – Gabby Douglas was ON FIRE at the Olympic trials yesterday.  It was a joy to watch her compete and it is so cool (ha, ha) that she trains at Chow’s in West Des Moines.

Andy will be catching up with Gabby and Chow as they return home this evening – tune in at ten.

Tomorrow I hope you’ll tune in at five as Sonya and I do a Dixie Cup workout with personal trainer Angie Gallagher – you’ll get some unique ideas, I promise!

Tomorrow at ten I’m bringing you a “13 Cares” about a young woman who’s competing in triathlons and other races around the Midwest.  It’s amazing that she’s able to exercise at all after being in a near fatal car crash last winter.  You’ll meet Nora, and one of the families who may benefit because of the organization she’s helping.

Stay cool!


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