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IOWA OLYMPIAN: Gabby Douglas headed to London

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Sunday night, Gabby Douglas punched her ticket to London by winning the all-around competition at the US Olympic gymnastics trials. That means she's the only gymnast to automatically qualify for the team. Gabby may be the next golden girl in London, but back at Chow's Gym in West Des Moines, Gabby is just one of the girls. “She`s just like a normal person to us. She`s like a good friend she`s really good to get along with,” says team-mate Olivia Reeve. At 16, Gabby is the old hat here Chow's. The girls say her accomplishments have them jumping higher and reaching farther for their dreams. “It definitely makes me want to work harder and makes you more motivated,” says Victoria Martin. Chow's Gym rose to fame four years ago when Iowa's own Shawn Johnson became the Olympics’ golden girl. That's when Gabby Douglas moved from Virginia to train with Chow. “We took her in just the same way as long as she`s working hard. It doesn`t matter where she comes from,” says Victoria. The truth is, most of these bendy, twirling, high-flying girls aren't from Iowa. Girls list hometowns in Colorado, England, North Carolina and Huston, Texas. Shawn and Gabby have launched Chow's reputation sky-high. A week try out with Chow himself is now required to train here. A year ago Olivia Reeve was living in London watching Gabby Douglas' perfect technique on bars. Today, she's watching her hometown prepare from the Olympics from Iowa. “It`s a lot different. There’s not much going on here; just gymnastics,” says Olivia. But that's the point. If you're at Chow's, you're one of the best. And the world is learning that the best come from Iowa. “When we were moving here everyone was like you`re going to the corn fields? We were like - that`s where the best coach is, what the heck?”

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