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MISSING GIRLS: Parents Stop Talking

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Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook went missing last Friday, and nearly a week of searching has turned up very little.

FBI agents, including a dive team, are scheduled to arrive in Evansdale Thursday night.  They plan to search Meyers Lake using specialized sonar equipment. 

The FBI says the extensive search of the lake is only part of their investigation.

Thomas Metz with the FBI says, “What the public is seeing is us dredging the lake, a lot of activity at the lake but what they’re not seeing are the interviews we’re conducting, the polygraphs we’re conducting. So that’s part of the investigation that’s continuing. We figure we owe it to these little girls and the families of these little girls to leave no stone unturned.”

It appears one stone will remain unturned…

The parents of Lyric Cook say they are done talking with police.  Up until this point, Dan Morrissey and Misty Cook-Morrissey have talked extensively to police and the media.  Family member Tammy Brousseau says that will no longer be the case.  Brousseau tells the Des Moines Register, “At this point, because they’re being harassed so badly, they’ve been advised by an attorney to stop doing any polygraph tests, to not talk to the media anymore… they’ve been advised to not talk to the police.”

Chief Deputy Rick Abben with the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Department says, “Our feeling on it is that we’re requesting everyone participate and assist us 100-percent, this makes it a distraction for us that when people decide to do things other than cooperate 100-percent, however it’s their choice however they wish to proceed with that.”

Police say prior to hiring a lawyer the two have been very cooperative and have voluntarily agreed to take polygraph tests.

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