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BEEP BASEBALL: Blind Athletes Beating The Heat

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Think it’s hot? Try doing this...

About 360-people from all over the world are competing in the Beep-Ball Baseball World Series in Ames Tuesday. 

Beep Ball is baseball for the blind. The ball beeps so players can hit it and find it after it's been hit, and the bases buzz to they can run to them. It isn’t easy, even in cooler conditions.

The game requires a lot of running and a lot of physical exertion. Players and organizers tell us the key is to take plenty of breaks--and drink plenty of water.  "One of our volunteers is an EMT and he said if you're not sweating than it's a problem so we have tons of Gatorade, we have tons of water." says player Stephen Guerra of the Minnesota Millers.   

This is the 36th annual Beep Baseball World Series, but the first time Iowa has hosted it. The games continue through Sunday on the ISU Campus in the fields just to the east of Jack Trice stadium.