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CROP REPORT: Drought Conditions Cause Damage

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Another week without significant rain has caused more damage to Iowa crops.

The latest USDA crop report shows 40-percent of the state’s corn crop is in poor condition and 30-percent of the soybean crop is in poor condition.

Ninety-seven-percent of the topsoil across the state is short on moisture.

“Crop conditions continue to deteriorate as the hot, dry weather persists. Now 40 percent of the corn crop is in poor or very poor condition and only 23 percent is in good to excellent condition. For soybeans it is 30 percent poor or very poor and only 28 percent good to excellent,” said Iowa Ag Secretary Bill Northey. “The weather is also a real challenge for livestock producers as pastures dry up and they work around the clock to keep their animals cool.”

The dry weather has been so severe some farmers have begun to chop corn.

Pasture and range land has also been affected by the drought, with more than three quarters rated as poor to very poor condition.

This is shaping up to be one of the worst droughts in U.S. history.