FIRE RESCUE: Family Pulled From Burning Home

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Neighbors were first on the scene of a house fire in Marion County yesterday afternoon.  When they realized two people were inside the home, they didn't hesitate to help.

"This whole back deck right here was just fully engulfed in flames," says Wade DeHeer.

He could see the smoke coming from a house in the 800 block of Church Street in Dallas.  So could Mikes Graves. 

"The lady came out and said, 'I think my house is on fire,'" says Graves.

"Then she turned around and went back in and she just had a look of bewilderment on her face like she didn't know what was going on," says DeHeer. 

The two ran inside to get the woman who is in her 80's out of the home.  At some point, the woman started yelling a name and the men knew someone else was inside.  After a quick look back at his wife, Graves covered his face with his shirt and went back inside the burning home.

"Never even thought about it.  We just went you.  You don't have no regards for your own life when something like happens, you just forget it and go," says Graves.

By now, the smoke was so thick that the men could barely see or breathe.  Rescuing the disabled man in his 50's required all of their strength.

"The guy just froze on us.  He just locked up on us and he couldn't move.  Mike couldn't pick him up.  He was behind him trying to push him and I got in there a little further and was pulling while he was pushing," says DeHeer.

Eventually, all three made it out.

"It's understandable.  You want to help out your neighbors," says Melcher-Dallas Fire Chief Alvin Godfrey.

But Godfrey doesn't recommend it. 

"Wait for the fire department to show up to do their job," he says.  "The next time, the fire could move a lot quicker, the smoke could be more toxic and it won't take long for that to overcome you."

If it ever happens again, Graves and DeHeer say they won't hesitate to help. 

"I'd do it again if we had too," says Graves.

"Thank God we did get two people out of there," says DeHeer.

The cause of the fire is still being investigated.  The mother and son who lived in the house are staying with other family members.