MURPHY’S LAW: Batman Visits, Bob the Billboard, GIVMHEL

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Christian Bale made headlines three years ago for ranting at a movie crew member. Bale sounded ridiculous. In my mind, he’s now more than made up for it. Bale spent time in Colorado visiting shooting victims. He and his wife also left flowers at the makeshift memorial, and thanked medical personnel. It doesn’t make Bale a hero, but it did make many people feel better.

Since Jamie Pollard arrived in Ames, Iowa State enjoys tweaking Hawkeye fans. Most famously, or infamously, depending on your viewpoint, ISU put up a billboard on the road to Iowa City that read, “It’s a Cyclone State”. It showed Iowa State celebrating a win in the big football game. I’ve got no problem with that. Pollard knows the Cyclones are viewed as the little brother in Iowa, and he enjoys poking the bear.

This year’s effort isn’t as effective. First, take a look:

We get it. Bowslby used to be Iowa’s athletic director, now he’s the Big 12 commissioner. Still, Bowlsby’s been gone six years, and he’s not returning to Iowa, so it’s a reach. I like the spirit, but it’s a misfire. It won’t fire many Cyclone fans up, or irritate many Hawkeyes. A billboard showing Iowa State celebrating wins over Iowa in football and basketball would have done both.

Sometimes common sense wins. The Hawkeye fan with the GIVMHEL personalized license plate can keep it. Johnston’s Julie Boyles has had the plate for more than 20 years, but a certified letter from the DOT ordered her to turn the plate in, due to a written complaint. The DOT’s Mark Rowe, a Cyclone fan, watched us talking about it on SoundOFF, and immediately let Julie know she can keep givin’ em hell. Julie and Mark exchanged pleasantries, and to top it all off, the man who complained withdrew his objection. Yes, he was a Cyclone fan.