WEEKLY WORKOUT: Busting The Plateau

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You’ve been doing everything right – working out eating right.  But the numbers on the scale just won’t budge.  Your first instinct may be to eat less and work out even more.  But personal trainer, Angie Gallagher says that may only make matters worse.

“What happens when you over restrict yourself, your body hangs on to it, saves it, stores it, because it doesn’t know if it’s going to get enough.”

In short, the body goes into starvation mode.  To break through the plateau, Angie says you need to mix things up with high intensity training, or HIT. 

“It’s a great way to shock the body.”

You can apply it to any exercise.  From plié jacks to suicide drills, the amount of time for each exercise if followed by an equal amount of rest.

“You start with shorter bouts of intensity and then you gradually increase the work time and also increase the rest time,” explains Angie.  “And then you come back down and shorten everything back up.”

Remember, the periods of activity must be intense, meaning your heart rate should soar.

Pyramids can also be applied to weight training.

“The trick to this one is you’ve got to do this for two minutes,” says Angie as she hands us weights for an overhead press combined with a squat. 

After just one minute, we’re grimacing.  And if pyramids don’t bring you to your knees, super sets – combining two exercises together without rest – or drop sets will.

Angie likes to apply drop sets to push-ups.

“It’s one of my favorites, because you start with a high number, say 16 and you take an eight second break and do 14.  By the time you get down to two push-ups, you’re fried.”

Yes, we are! 

The look on our faces says it all.  Your body will too, if you stick to this plateau busting routine.