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MELTING PROFITS: Too Hot For Summertime Treat

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The triple digit heat is melting away profits for a few summer businesses.  This month has almost been too hot for a favorite treat.

“I`m eating twist ice cream,” says Jim Goodhue.

Hot or cold, it doesn`t matter.

“Year round.  I`ll eat it anytime,” he says.

In this heat, not everyone is scooping up their favorite flavor.

“We`re not doing what we`d like to do.  We`re not doing what we`ve done in years past,” says Tom Thiel, owner of FISS’ in Carlisle.

While most would think it`s a refreshing treat, Thiel says it’s too hot for ice cream.

“People won`t come outside,” says Thiel.

Dana Brodsack owns Sack`s Ice Cream truck.  For more than 20 years, he has delivered cool treats to neighborhoods across the state.  But he isn`t logging many miles this month.

“I just don`t take it out when it`s over 90 degrees.  It`s just too hot everybody`s inside and the kids don`t even come out and play,” says Brodsack.

Brodsack made a special trip to see his regulars at Little Cubs Child Care in Carlisle.  The kids are always excited to see him.

“They always call me the ice cream man.  They don`t know my name, but I`m the ice cream man,” he says.

Both men say it will be even nicer when the triple digits are gone.

“We really need it to cool off a bit,” says Thiel.

Theil and Brodsack say the best ice cream weather is between 85 and 90 degrees.  Fortunately, their sales are still above average for the year because of the warm spring.

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