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MORNING BUZZ: Break, Conserve and Likeability

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Good Morning!

We get a break from the heat but it doesn’t come until tonight.  Jeriann told us she was disappointed in the predicted rain totals she’s seeing for Central Iowa…but at least we get a break from the temperatures.  We talked about it and I’m not sure what I would take…100 degree heat and lots of rain, or cooler temperatures and less rain?  What do you think?


The hot, dry weather is now leading to worries for Des Moines Waterworks.  Monday we broke a record for water use.  It frustrates me to see the video of sprinklers running in the heat of the day.  If you want to water overnight or in the morning…go for it…but it seems such a waste when I see it at 4pm.  I gave up weeks ago on my own lawn.


So imagine being a farmer right now.  The Secretary of Agriculture is trying to keep spirits up but the fact is, they’re going to take a big hit this year.  The ripple affect will go on for months and may affect you in ways you hadn’t considered.  If you like a live Christmas tree…you may pay more for it this year…Food prices will climb over the next few months and into next year.


Christian Bale went to see some of the victims of the Colorado shootings.  Say what you want about the guy and his colorful personality…he made a very heartfelt gesture and deserves credit he isn’t even asking for.  He went on his own and even asked the hospital not to say anything about his visit.  The man is going to make millions off of this movie and I will bet this isn’t the last we’ve seen of his generous spirit.


The latest Presidential Poll would indicate some fatigue among voters with the negative ads.  Experts will tell you this is not reality…people responding to a poll will tell you they don’t like the negative tone…but the fact is, the ads work.  It would be nice if we would actually punish politicians for going negative.


And speaking of likeability…an email came to the newsroom yesterday and the viewer wasn’t too happy with me.  Apparently he/she (didn’t give a name) thinks I was being mean to Arielle. I’ve deleted the really nasty words to protect delicate sensibilities.

I don’t have allot to say except you need to tell Patrick Dicks to quit being such a &!$% to the new weather girl, I watch every morning and he is a &!@%  to her, either he jealous of her or his Gay side coming out, Grow up Patrick, You are about the worst news host I have ever seen on tv and you are now becoming the talk around our group when we having breakfast, NBC get someone good on and not a twit like Patrick

For the record I like Arielle a lot.  She is a breath of fresh air for all of us in the morning and a great addition.  We’re lucky to have her here. 

Oh…and I like my wife too…A LOT.  So I hope that clears up that question.

Have a good one.


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