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100 DAYS: Both Parties Gear Up For Election

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Florida Senator Marco Rubio was scheduled to speak this evening at the State Capitol on behalf of the Romney campaign but due to technical difficulties on his plane, he never made it.

The Senator’s scheduled visit was just one of dozens of political events being held across the country as campaigning continues.

Although, he was unable to attend the Republican event in person, he was able to speak to the crowd via telephone.

“Every country that strives to be a free enterprise has become more prosperous and every country that has more government has been poorer, and that's the choice we have right now between Mitt Romney who believes in the free enterprise system and Barack Obama who does not,” says Senator Marco Rubio.

The group also heard from Governor Terry Branstad who echoed Senator Rubio's message about bringing change to Washington; including fixing the nation's unemployment rate and helping small businesses get ahead.

Iowa Democrats also gathered near the State Capitol Saturday.

With 100 days until the election, they say they’re ready to hit the ground running.

“I think that we're going to have that energy, I think we are beginning to become motivated and realizing that the republican choice for presidency is not the choice for the people,” says Des Moines Democrat Mary Campos.

Iowa Democrats say a Romney-Rubio ticket would have a negative impact on Iowans.

They say the middle-class and senior populations would lose their benefits and worry the retirement age could be pushed back under republican leadership.

“President Obama understands what it means to go out and use your skill and ability and work towards the goals that you have set,” says Des Moines Democrat Midge Slater.

Although the election is still more than three months away, Iowans can start casting their votes in just 60 days.