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WATER USAGE: Cutbacks Continue

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Des Moines Water Works is still asking metro home and business owners not to water their lawns.

That’s after water usage went up Friday with customers using 75.3 million gallons.

Des Moines Water Works put a stage one conservation plan into place on Tuesday.

That same day, the metro used a record 96.6 million gallons of water.

Officials say progress is being made to reduce usage, but even the decreased demand is more than they can treat and pump given the low river levels and water quality issues.

“Turn the water off at the faucet when you’re watering flower gardens or landscaping. Don’t let water run when you’re in the house unnecessarily and maybe consider shorter showers and that type of thing,” said Randy Beavers, CEO of Des Moines Water Works.

Higher stages of water conservation could include mandatory cut backs as high as 30% if drought conditions continue.