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HOME SALES: Home Expo Brings Out Crowds

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Crowds flocked to this year’s Home Expo and although many of the homes have all the bells and whistles for many it’s a chance to check out the options.

“It makes it more attractive to find that place that you can build and just stay in for the long run,” says Johnston resident Chris Brubaker.

Chris Brubaker says he plans to eventually build his own home, but also knows now is the time to jump in the market.

“It’s a good time with loan rates are low there is still a lot of space in available in Iowa especially around the Des Moines area.” (21:39-46)

Although interest rates remain low, new numbers out show nationally new home sales took a dip.

For the first time in over a year new home sales dropped 8.4 percent in June.

Experts say the economy is still on the rebound and existing homes are not selling as fast, so developers aren’t building as many new houses.

However, one local builder says Iowa faces another challenge.

“The temperatures are hard on the workers too, so the productivity is going to go down when it’s this hot, people just can’t work the amount of hours that they would normally,” says Bill Kimberley from Kimberley Development.

Local builders say with the extreme heat, it’s also been hard to keep grass and plants alive while trying to sell the home.