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LEVEE TROUBLES: Hamburg Goes Viral

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It was one year ago that the weather was doing just the opposite of what we’ve been experiencing this summer. Many western Iowa towns were dealing with too much water. 

Now one city along the Missouri River is trying to save its levee by using some creative tactics. Community members in Hamburg have put together a video that they hope goes viral, inspiring people to donate. 

"For the price of a latte, you and 1.5 million others can help save a town," the video claims.

The city needs $4.6 million to rebuild the levee up to Army Corps standards.  If they don't raise the money the city will have to pay $1.3 million to tear down the levee, putting their town in jeopardy if the river floods again.  

Hamburg residents hope they can get 1.5 million people to donate just $3 to save the levee. 

Visit the Hamburg Levee website to donate.