AM Buzz: Olympics, Olympics and Olympics!

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Good Morning…

I have something in my index finger…I have no idea what it is…but it feels like a splinter or something.  It looks like I cut my finger but I suspect I also have something stuck in there.  It is not making my blogging experience pleasant so I am going to keep it short.

Not much to say about the news today.  despite the rain this weekend it’s still dry.  It’s going to be hot and much more humid this week…joy.

-I watched a good portion  of the opening ceremonies Friday night.  It’s hard to make a BAD opening ceremonies.  I’m not sure if it was the contrast with Beijing’s precision, or if it was actually a little bit unimpressive…I just didn’t like it.  Everyone is talking about the Bond thing with the Queen…I didn’t think it was THAT funny…  

-Once the games started I am all-in.  I am watching cross-country riding right now…that should tell you something about my Olympic commitment.  I watched Miranda Leek this morning in the Archery.  It basically came down to one shot that kept her out of the round of 16.  I hope we get to see her again in Rio.

-How about the gymnastics?  Gabby Douglas was great.  It was interesting to hear NBC’s commentary team.  The US team routines are so much harder than other teams that it’s going to take a pretty amazing effort to beat them.  The all around title is there for Douglas if she steps up.  

-Someone emailed us and complained about the political ads during the Olympics.  they said it was un-american and that it was ruining the games.  The thing is we don’t have a choice.  if the campaigns want to run the ads and can pay for them…we run em.  I happen to agree.  I could stand to see fewer.

I hope you all have a great week!