DIRT CAPITAL: Sprint Car Racing’s Biggest Week

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Soil is for farmers. This is DIRT, baby!

In Knoxville, it’s EVERYWHERE, this week.  On the walls, on the floor, on the PEOPLE…

“Dirt in your mouth, dirt in the beer, dirt in the pop, dirt in the food, dirt all over!" laughs Glen Bosch, who made the 12-hour drive from Bismark, ND, "but that’s what sprint car racing is all about.”

It’s their element, and this is their weekend. The Knoxville Nationals are overshadowed by the State Fair in Des Moines and the other track in Newton, but in this world, it’s simply the biggest thing there is.

“Yeah, we always say that anything that we do all year long is just hot laps for the Knoxville Nationals, so it’s just a warm up for this.”

Donny Schatz is the defending champ, here.  That oughta make him the man, right?

“No doubt about it," says sprint car fan, Todd Jueth Steve Kinser. 22-time World of Outlaws champion, 12-time Knoxville Nationals champion. I mean there’s nobody better.”

Well, except for Donny Schatz! He’s won five of the last six titles, here! Why isn’t he Mr. Dirt?

“I mean he’s one of ‘em," stammers Dan Graham of Kansas City, "he just isn’t one of my top notch guys that I watch all the time.”

Alright, truth is Donny Schatz is a bit of a bad boy and known to be a bit surly.  But on this week, he’s a lump of sugar.

“This is what every sprint car driver lives for this whole week,” Schatz says.

It’s one big love fest, down here!  Love for the fans, the drivers, the cars, and for the dirt!

“You leave here on Saturday night very dirty," says Bosch, "takes you a couple days to get the eyes cleaned back out.”

To each, his own. 


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