NOAH’S CAUSE: Money Needed For Wheelchair

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B & B Grocery store is raising money so an 11-year-old boy can go to school.

Noah Baumont is moving onto middle school, and to keep up with his fellow classmates, he'll need an electric wheelchair, and purchasing one is out of reach for his family.

Noah is like any other 11-year-old, excited to go back to school and hang out with his classmates.

“I'm really excited to see my friends this year, and actually go to school instead of stay at home,” says Noah Baumont.

When Noah was born a condition caused his lungs not to develop fully, leaving him stuck on oxygen 24-7, but that hasn't stopped him from being an active kid.

“He's never ever thought of himself as being different, he has the most positive outlook on life despite all the things that have held him back from thing that he likes to do,” says Noah’s mom Andrea Lawless.

Since Noah will be making the move from elementary to middle school he'll need an electric wheelchair to get or have to be home schooled-and that's where the guys at B & B grocery stepped in.

“We've known him his whole life he used to got to McKinley, but now at Weeks he has to go from class to class and that's too much on his little body,” says Joe Brooks from B & B Grocery.

The Brooks brothers set out a goal raise $5,500 for a new set of wheels for Noah, and ever since the jar went out on their counter donations have been pouring in.

“It's just amazing the response we've got from people,” says Brooks.

If Noah had his way, he'd rather leave the chair at home, but for his Mom it means giving her son some more freedom while still giving her a little piece of mind.

“I worry about him every time he's not with me, so this will make me more at ease, and it will make his life a lot easier and keep him in the school setting with his friends instead of stuck at home,” says Lawless.

For Noah, it's the start of a new adventure, a new school, and a hopefully a new set of wheels.

“I think the wheelchair will help me walking down the long hallways and from class to class,” says Baumont.

B & B Grocery wants to have its goal of $5,500 raised by the time school starts on August 20th.

So far they've received about $2,000.

To donate to Noah’s you can stop into B & B Grocery or call them at 243-7607.

100 percent of the donations go to the family.

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