MURPHY’S LAW: Saturday Scattershots

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By Chris Hassel

Another year, another lackluster summer scrimmage for the Hawkeyes. Iowa never looks good at its open scrimmage in early August. Never. Saturday was no different at Kinnick. In fact, the offense was so bad, linebacker James Morris said after the game that he felt great about where the defense was, but you have to score points to win games. 

The most disappointing aspect of the scrimmage was the fact that freshman running backs Barkley Hill and Greg Garmon were nowhere to be found. Both backs were held out of the open practice. Kirk Ferentz said that outside of a few bumps and bruises both are fine. If Paki O’Meara had any eligibility left, I’m sure he would be starting come September 1st. 

We’re three weeks away from the start of the college football season. That means RVTV is 3 weeks and 2 days away. 

The high school football season begins on Friday. The Des Moines Register released its preseason top-three in all six classes. The defending champs from Valley are ranked #1 in class 4A. For a complete list of rankings head on over to The complete top ten can be found in Sunday’s edition of the Register. 

As I type, the mens 4x100m relay is about to start. It’s one of the few events that I will stop everything to watch. It might be the most exciting race in the Olympics. ——— Just saw the race. The US broke the previous world record….as did Jamaica. What a race. Bolt anchored for the Jamaicans who beat Team USA by two-tenths of a second. riveting. Bolt said afterwards, “For sure I’ll be going to Rio.” Thank goodness. 

The Bourne Legacy opened this weekend. I’m usually not one for sequels with a new star, but Jeremy Renner is the perfect man to follow Matt Damon. 

Keith and Andy claim they like the state fair. I do not.

Still no SoundOFF this week. The show is back on August 19th for the final 30 minute episode of the year. Hour-long SoundOFF’s begin August 26th.