CLOTHING GIVEAWAY: Church Helps With Back To School

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A Des Moines church spent the last year collecting unwanted clothing from the congregation.  Today, volunteers gave all of the items to members of the community in need.

“We come from a low-income family and can't afford it so whatever clothes I can get, I can get,” says Tammy Oliver.

With four kids, the single mom can sum up back-to-school shopping in one word- a nightmare.  Even with help from her family, her part-time job doesn’t leave much money for clothes.  She came to Grandview Church of Christ to stock up.

“You gotta swallow your pride ‘cuz you gotta do what you gotta do,” says Oliver.

Her family isn’t alone.  About 70 other families stopped by for the church’s clothing giveaway. 

“We like to provide that need for the community,” says Anne Ogle who is heading up the event this year.

The church opened the doors bright and early and welcomed people to take as much as they want for free.  Ogle says they didn’t plan on it being a back to school giveaway, but with the timing, it turned out that way.

“It's hard to see the kids come in, but they leave with smiles on their faces and bags of clothes that they're gonna use for the next year so you know, we like seeing that,” says Ogle.

After browsing through the tables and racks of donated clothing, Oliver and her daughters are walking out with a bag full of clothes.  While they didn’t get everything they wanted, they did get some of what they needed.

“I feel bad ‘cuz I can't keep them updated on all the latest clothes, but they get what they get,” she says.

“It just always makes your heart feel good to know that we can bless them through our service here,” says Ogle.

This is Grandview Church of Christ’s fourth clothing giveaway.  Any remaining items will be donated to Goodwill.